What is Pool Party?

Pool Party is a community-owned, trustless platform empowering people and communities to launch their own trustless HEX stake pools.

Pool Party is powered by $PARTY, an ERC20 and PRC20 token introducing exciting tokenomics and offering exclusive yield generating opportunities. PARTY holders own Pool Party and will earn real revenue in HEX from the use of the Pool Party platform. PARTY also has a staking system to reward delayed gratification, support the price of PARTY, and increase the yield to PARTY holders.

The Pool Party platform offers end-to-end support for stake pool organizers and participants with an easy-to-use interface that we believe has the opportunity to change millions of peoples lives by making HEX staking more accessible, more approachable, and more fun.

Note: Pool Party will be deployed on both Ethereum and PulseChain.

Why did we build Pool Party?

After the launch of our 5 previous HEX stake pools, our community was filled with excitement and began sharing their visions of what was possible with this technology. A lot of people were asking for us to launch more HEX stake pools of different lengths, many shared their creativity of how to brand the next pools, and some shared inspiring visions of how they would utilize pools to change the world.

We built Pool Party to open the gates for people's imagination to become reality and we're excited to see what people do with this opportunity. Anything is possible.

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