$PARTY is the official Pool Party member token that incentivizes positive network participation.

PARTY token holders trustlessly earn yield in PARTY, HEX, COM, and liquidity pool tokens from the Pool Party contract based on their staking strategy.

  • By holding PARTY liquid, PARTY holders can earn real yield in the form of HEX. The Pool Party platform collects a flat rate of .5% of the HEX staked through Pool Party which is equally distributed every 2 weeks to liquid PARTY holders. In addition to the real yield earnings of HEX, PARTY holders will also earn liquidity pool tokens distributed from the Pool Party Liquidity Fund.

  • Other unannounced income streams can easily plug into the Pool Party income distribution system.

  • PARTY stakers timelock their PARTY and instead of earning HEX yield, they compound their PARTY holdings.

The initial supply of PARTY is set at launch and then the ongoing supply inflation will be emitted based on the rules of the PARTY staking system.

PARTY will also be the currency for the Nametag Auction House. When people bid on Nametags, they will use PARTY, and the PARTY for the winning bid will be burnt. This introduces a deflationary element to PARTY's tokenomics.

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