Joining a stake pool

Stake pools offer unique benefits over staking HEX solo.

There are 3 ways to join a HEX stake pool on Pool Party:

  1. Mint at Launch

    When a stake pool launches, anyone can join the pool during the Mint Phase by minting 1 pool token per 1 HEX pledged to the pool smart contract.

  2. Buy Pool Tokens

    Once pool tokens are minted, anyone can sell their pool tokens on decentralized exchanges. Pool tokens represent ownership in the stake and are backed by staked HEX. By buying pool tokens, you now hold ownership in the stake and can redeem its value of the HEX principle + earned yield when the stake ends.

  3. Mint at Reload

    When a Stake Period ends, the Reload Phase begins and anyone can mint more pool tokens at the new mint rate. The Mint Rate during the Reload Phase is equal to the redemption rate during that Reload Phase.

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