What is HEX?

HEX is a trustless smart contract that allows people to timelock their HEX tokens to earn yield.

This yield comes by way of inflation. HEX inflates at a max inflation rate of 3.69% per year. This inflation is rewarded to HEX stakers who timelock their HEX for any period of time from 1 day up to 15 years. Stakers are rewarded HEX inflation because by timelocking, they're supporting the price of HEX by reducing circulating supply.

In its first 3 years, HEX has had massive success in both price and community growth. HEX did a 10,000x in price and has grown to over 120,000 stakers. HEX has also had 3 years of flawless operation with 100% uptime which is very rare.

HEX Staking Bonuses

  • Bigger Pays Better - 10% more yield potential for staking 150M HEX

  • Longer Pays Better - 200% more yield potential for staking up to 10 years

Early End Stake Penalties

  • If you unstake your HEX before the stakes maturity, you will incur severe penalties on you HEX. (As you will read, HEX stake pools will never incur this penalty.)

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