How do I get a Ticker Name?

There are 2 ways to obtain a ticker name:

  1. Ticker Name Auction House

    Anyone can start a ticker name auction by placing a starting bid greater than the minimum bid on any available ticker name. This starts a 24-hour auction process where anyone can place a new bid, as long as the new bid is 5% larger than the current bid.

    When a bid is placed, the PARTY is burnt. When a new bid is placed, the PARTY that the prior bidder had burnt with their bid is reminted back into their account. If a new bid comes in during the last 6 minutes of the auction, the auction is extended by an additional 6 minutes.

    Once the auction ends, no more bids may be placed and then someone must run the endAuction function which records the auction results and mints the ticker name NFT to the winner. The PARTY for the winning bid remains burnt forever.

  2. NFT Marketplace

    Ticker Names are NFTs, allowing them to be traded on any NFT marketplace.

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