What are HEX stake pools?

HEX stake pools are trustless smart contracts built on top of the HEX smart contract that allow people to pool their HEX together into one giant stake, offering unique benefits over staking HEX solo.


Gas Fee Savings

By consolidating many HEX stakes to just one, HEX stake pools offer massive gas fee saving to all stakers in the pool. Most HEX stakers in a pool will never pay end stake gas fees.

Increased Yield

HEX offers bonuses to bigger stakes. This bonus is what's known as the Bigger Pays Better bonus which is an extra 10% yield up to 150M HEX staked.

By pooling HEX, stake pools offer a bigger bonus to stakers than they would have ever been able to receive on their own.

Instant Liquidity

When you stake HEX solo, your capital is locked for the duration of your stake. If you end your stake early, you incur severe penalties.

When you join a HEX stake pool, you receive a pool token which holds your ownership in the stake. These pool tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be bought or sold on decentralized exchanges, meaning you can grow your position in a stake by buying more pool tokens, or exit your position by selling your pool tokens. Unlike staking solo, you don't incur early endstake penalties. Whoever holds the pool tokens when the stake ends is able to redeem its value of the HEX principle + earned yield.

Yield on Yield

On top of having instant liquidity, pool tokens offer exclusive yield-on-yield opportunities that solo stakers can't capture.

While your pool tokens are earning daily HEX yield, you can utilize your pool tokens in other DeFi products.


  • Liquidity providing on PulseX and earning trading fees

  • Yield farming for INC on PulseX

  • Lending into credit markets such as Phiat

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