Starting a stake pool

Party Starters, will have the creative freedom to design their own trustless HEX stake pool with the following parameters:

  • Ticker name

  • Mint Phase duration

  • Organizer fee

  • Organizer address

  • Stake length

  • Reload Phase length

The organizer fee, set by the Party Starter, is a unique revenue opportunity that rewards Party Starters for growing their pool and increasing the Bigger Pays Better bonus for their community.

The organizer address is where the organizer fee is sent. You could set this address as your own address, another smart contract address, a multi-sig address for a community, or maybe even an address set up for a charitable organization.

Pool Party will offer an easy-to-use minting interface to Party Starters that will be ready to go when a pool is created.

Active pools, both during Mint Phase and while staked, will be listed on Pool Party, offering free exposure to grow your pool.

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