Maximus DAO


Maximus DAO is on a mission to bring prosperity, fulfillment, and inspiration through innovative DeFi products, high impact education, and global community development.


Our vision is to become a cornerstone of the world's financial markets and provide community members with the tools to grow their wealth, power, and skills.


Maximus DAO was founded by Dip Catcher and Goldkey. Childhood best friends who have been working together as a Developer/Designer duo since 2016 on a number of cutting edge products - each being bigger and better than the last.

In 2022, Maximus DAO was formed with the invention of trustless HEX stake pools, allowing people to earn more yield, save on gas fees and have instant liquidity.

Maximus launched 5 pools and they were a massive success. More than 1B HEX was pooled from over 10,000 participants who will save an estimated +$50M in gas fees by pooling instead of staking solo.

To expand the HEX ecosystem through stake pools, we're now opening the gates for anyone to utilize our proprietary, trustless smart contracts to launch their own HEX stake pool along with an innovative platform to support them.

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